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Sungmin doing gwiyomi 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。

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religion: sungmin’s mamacita hair 

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[STAR Q&A] ‘Super Junior’ Sungmin “If I Win the Trophy, I’ll Take Off my Wig”

Q. You have very unique hair style. What was the inspiration?

A. I got the idea from a webtoon. It was my first time reading one, and there were tons of distinctive outfits and hairstyles. I showed one style which intrigued me the most to the hair designer, and he manufactured a wig which was convenient. My real hair is just black.

Q. Isn’t it uncomfortable? It seems like you don’t secure a clear view. 

A. When I stay still, it does not bother me at all. However, when I was filming MV, I bumped into other members and blocked the flow of dance, so members beat me up. Haha! But I really like my hair style because it stands out.

Q. Your nail is about ten time more prettier than mine. How do you take care of your nail?

A. Oh, is it? Thank you. I don’t take good care of my nail on usual days. I get the pampering only when I stand on stage. If you look closely, my nail has ‘Sungmin’ and ’7th album’ written on them. ‘Sungmin’ is actually written in Chinese characters. I actually polished them on my own!

Q. How do you do that on your own? You are amazing.

A. At first, it was hard. But it’s the result of hard working. This is gel nail, so it lasts longer and I don’t have to change them often. I might damage my nail though…

Q. Have you stayed healthy? You seem like having a strong physique.

A. It was hard to stay in shape while practicing a musical because the more I lose weight, the harder it gets to sing. I had moderate work out and food intake which resulted in bulky body shape. I don’t have the scales at home so I’m unsure whether I’ve gained weight or not….but I’m worried.

Q. How do you feel after the press conference?

A. Yesung was absent at the event, but almost all members have rejoined again so I felt both thrilled and nervous. I was curious about people’s reactions which so far have been good. I wish more people listen to our songs.

Q. Any recommendation in your album track besides the title song?

Q. I like all of the songs since we’ve put much efforts into each song. If I have to choose one, it is a song ‘Shirt’ by Donghae which Eunhyuk and Shin Dong took charge of the choreography. Not only me, but all of SJ members like this song. The song has our unique color.

Q. Can you make a special promise if SJ wins on music program? 

A. I haven’t thought of that because our goal is to enjoy the album promotions rather than to hope for #1. Hmm…what should I say. Since SJ members are not around me at this moment, I’ll make a personal promise. I’ll take off my wig on stage. Or at least, I’ll pretend that it slipped off. Haha….  (C)

  • Leeteuk: ‘We will give out the special gift for you’ ‘and a lot more gifts that you can’t even imagine are waiting’
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Let’s go!

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140831 Heechul  at KBS  Hello recording

Credit: only-heechul

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Anon plays guess what in the box

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i have unlimited texting and i only text 3 people ever i think my phone company looks at my bill and just laughs

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Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel 

Speaking their lines vs the final product

Why is Vin Diesel looking down? Is he worried he’s gonna forget his line?

Vin Diesel asked the director his inspiration for every line he did and did multiple takes until he was satisfied. He also recorded the line over 1,000 times and also recorded his lines in Mandarin, Portuguese, French, and Spanish so they could use his real voice in those versions. He’s looking at his lines because Vin Diesel is a  dedicated  motherfucking professional

Vin Diesel made you fall in love with a character who said 4 words. The CGI brought his words to visual life, but they’d be meaningless without his amazing command of voice. 

Basically vin Diesel had the challenge of:
"OK, this is the message you’re trying to convey"
"But you can only ONLY say I am Groot”

Because every time Groot says “I am Groot” he means something and vin Diesel had to convey that message as best he could with only those 3 words through inflection, emphasis, and emotion.


Vin Diesel also plays the Iron Giant, which tells you a lot about his voice acting

Just know that I love you. I love you with all of my fucked up, piece of shit heart.
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